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HAVOC is what we call our Hackers Academy Virtual Online Conference. Every month, we bring you one world renowned hacker or security professionals to share their expertise and insights. And we open up our platform for anyone to join for free.

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Schedule of HAVOC

Dubai Police Combating Cyber Crime

Colonel Al Hajeri will talk about the history of cyber challenges and evolution of the cyber crime and cyber criminals. Then he will shed light on the current situation and strategy moving forward.

Domain Squatting In 2020

This talk covers some of the types of domain squatting that are still applicable in 2020 and the motivations behind them. It also highlights prevention methods that domain owners can use to safeguard themselves from squatters as well as practical and legal solutions available to them.

How Attackers Leverage Your Web Browser

In this talk Ahmed will discuss and demonstrate the newest techniques attackers use to leverage users web browsers having them performing sophisticated cyber attacks.

Securing Critical Infrastructure: Principles and Approaches

The talk discusses the practical and systemic challenges of cyber in critical facilities and proposes models for addressing sustainable and continuous improvement.

Red Teaming in Time of COVID-19

The talk discusses how COVID-19 is increasing the risks organizations are now exposed to and how security professionals and criminals, can (ab)use such change.

Demystifying COVID-19 Threat Intelligence

With all this there has been a lot of discussions on COVID-19 related threat intelligence. But what is this really all about? Are threat actors really doing anything different? This talk will explore this.

Threat Intelligence Cookbook

In this talk, we will explore some recipes that utilize threat intelligence as a main ingredient in SOC operations. We will be utilizing these recipes to gain additional insight to what you can do to protect your environment.

DevSecOps: Separating Myth From Reality

As more companies begin to embrace DevSecOps, both organizations and security managers have discovered that DevSecOps has its own complexities. In this talk Imran will separate myth from reality.

Deserialization Attacks 

In this talk we will discuss, analyze and demo Deserialization vulnerabilities and exploits in multiple programming languages, including analysis of some high profile vulnerabilities like CVE-2019-0604. 

Work From Home, A Security Perspective And Approach

As a director of information security at Smart Dubai Government, Hamad will discuss work from home security considerations and challenges.

SOCKS Over RDP – Pentesting Over Jump Boxes

In this talk Balazs will reveal a tool that creates a virtual channel over an RDP connection and spins up a SOCKS5 proxy on a remote host, just like SSH’s –D switch

Windows Password Cracking For The Blue Team

The talk describes how to defend the removal of complexity rules during an external audit and will finish with cracking 12 character passwords  in a Windows environment

Supporters of HAVOC

Sponsors of HAVOC

Speakers of HAVOC

Independent security consultant and trainer

Founder and CEO of Hysn/Practical DevSecOps

Director of Information Security Department at Smart Dubai Government

CTO at Lateral Thinking

Managing Security Consultant at NCC Group

Staff Researcher at Trend Micro

Director of Digital Services at the UAE Prime Minister's Office

Manager of Crisis Response at Dubai Electronic Security Center

Group Information Security Officer at Barbican Insurance Group

Principal Security Program Manager at Microsoft

Senior Program Manager at Microsoft

Cyber Incident Response Team Leader at Computer Emergency Response Team of the UAE (aeCERT)

Director of CID's Cyber Crime Department at Dubai Police

Threat Intelligence - Anomali

Director of Information Services at Dubai Electronic Security Center

Student and Cyber Defense Analyst


Hackers Academy Virtual Online Conference brings world renowned hackers and security professionals together to share their knowledge and insights. It stemmed from the need to network and connect with the best minds from the comfort of our homes,
A number of dedicated friends, volunteers and staff. They put in their time and effort for no return. And that is why HAVOC is free for you.
Yes. Participants pay nothing to join HAVOC.
You are welcome to send us a message with the abstract of your talk and your bio. And hopefully you will join our awesome speakers of HAVOC.
You register using the form on the website. Before the event starts, you will receive a link to join HAVOC.

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